And back to the showdown…

November 24, 2007

So I finally pulled myself away from the Oporto counter and made it into Nando’s. Sooo good! But totally different from Oporto’s.Β  It was more real food than fast food. The only thing about it that was fast food was the box. The chicken was super nicely cooked and the peri peri sauce very yummy, the fries (oops chips) were really good too and not fast foody, they actually tasted like they were once potatoes. The sauce is smoky and spicy unlike Oporto’s chilli which is more lemony and gingery (there’s also a hint of lemongrass in the Oporto chilli, although they don’t mention it in the ingredients).

So I can’t really say which one is better out of the two; I guess it depends on what flavors you’re craving. The Nando’s sauce is smoky and sort of has a mole character to it and the Oporto sauce has a more light and fresh element from the ginger and lemon. As I am a lemongrass and ginger junky I would probably go for Oporto most days but sometimes you need that more intense smoky thing.

Here’s a photo…



For the to do list

November 23, 2007


A super fun activity while on a trip to Sydney would be checking out the fish market tour ( I’m a big fan of fish markets and always end up taking too many photos there. For twenty buckaroos you can go on the behind the scenes tour at the ungodly hour of six or seven (can’t remember exactly, was still mostly sleeping at that point). So you get to see the auction while it’s happening and everything. Sydney’s market is the second largest in the southern hemisphere after Tokyo; according to our tour guide the Tokyo market sells in a day what Sydney sells in a week; crazy…can’t wait to see that one day. It was good fun, learned a little about fish and got to see lots of people shuffling around with giant tubs of fish…and for an enclosed space full of the fishies it was remarkably not smelly at all.

Auction board thingy…

Ok…onto more fun photos of eatables


This dude was so cool…but a tip from our guide; don’t buy the oysters that have been rinsed out like that..most of the fish shops in the market do it

The room of never-ending giant tuna

Intense dude

As you leave, be careful you’re not being stalked by the giant pelican who wants your loot

I’m a sucky investigator

November 23, 2007

I’ve been terrible at completing the chicken burger showdown…I went to the beach the other day and ate another Oporto’s Bondi burger; they’re just so good that I’m having trouble looking beyond them πŸ™‚

I’ll get better..still have five days left 😦


November 19, 2007

I’m a big fan of this Aussie fast food phenomenon; the Portuguese chicken burger. It’s all about the special chili sauce…mmmm. We’ve started a debate about which fast food chain comes on top in this category…we’ve got oporto (my personal favorite so far) ogalo and nandos…so I’ve got nine days left to explore the good and the bad of all three, if I don’t die of a fast food heart attack first.

This is the Ogalo burger with no chili sauce. I feel that Oporto has an unfair advantage over Ogalo right now because I’ve only had the Ogalo sans the chili sauce…if you go to any of these places I would really only recommend the burger with the chili because without it it’s just a grilled chicken sandwich and I think we can all agree that grilled chicken breast is probably one of the most boring things to ever put in your mouth.


This is Oporto’s Bondi burger with chilli sauce…mmm


Queen of the Pavlova

November 18, 2007

You know who you are! That was awesome πŸ™‚


Whether it originated in New Zealand or Australia makes no difference to me! I’m just glad it exists; thank you Anna Pavlova for inspiring this yumminess for us all to eat. So basically the pavlova is meringue (crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside) topped with whipped cream and fruit (passionfruit is one of the traditional toopings). The pavlova we had was a little untraditional; it was made of chocolate meringue and topped with raspberries. And it was awesome; it was especially good for breakfast (brekki) the next day.


Harry’s Cafe de Awesome!

November 14, 2007


Is there no decency left in this world? A couple of weeks ago, before going to visit Harry’ Cafe de Wheels, I read an article about how the super wealthy new residents of Woolloomooloo (great name, so many o’s) don’t want to renew Harry’s permit with late night hours. What’s wrong with these people! Do they not understand that this is a place that provides much needed nibbles for people of all sorts when they need it the most; drunk off their asses (in Aussie terms, pissed off their nuts)! Would they rather we all got alcohol poisoning. Apparently, the reason that they don’t want Harry’s open late at night is because it’s noisy…..this is a city people, you live in a city, Sydney already has a billion suburbs to choose from, does Woolloomooloo have to be turned into a suburb too, if you don’t like noise, move to Crow’s Nest. In a city that’s one of the cleanest and most manicured I’ve been to, it’s a great thing to have a place like Harry’s to keep it connected to it’s past. This place has been around doing the same thing since the 30’s do you really want to be the people responsible for putting a stop to that, well if you do, all I can say is that’s lame!

Anyways, on to the munchies…The meat pie was divine, the ultimate comfort food. I ordered the “Tiger” which is the classic Harry’s pie with mashed potatoes and peas on top. I got that same good feeling I get while eating a cheese steak from Pat’s King of Steaks in philly. After the meat pie we thought it would be a good idea to get a giant Harry’s hot dog (some people in our group were wiser and decided to pass). I would suggest either going with two meat pies or one hot dog because the two combined turns into some sort of nuclear explosion in your stomach. But it was all worth it πŸ™‚

Tiger pie

Pie with chilli

The hot dog that tried to kill me

The best part…shooting the shit at harry’s over meat pies and cigarettes

Best part number two…coffee at Hernandez after meat pies


November 2, 2007


Brunch at The Bathers’ PavilionΒ  at Balmoral Beach ( Classy stuff! It was really tasty, so pretty, and the bloody mary extra spicy the way it should be, and the best part is the view of the beach if you get a seat near the window. Life is hard in Sydney!


I was going through photos and realized I didn’t post about Feastability..How could I forget, it was so very awesome. This was a Newtown food festival back on September 22. Tons of Newtown’s restaurants and shops had vendy tents out and there were a couple that really stood out.

The Spanish Cook was the first place we gravitated towards…the paella tractor beam sucked us in….paella for breakfast, why not. By midday the line had grown to a ridiculous length, I had to punch people out of the way for our paella seconds πŸ™‚ nooo..I didn’t… I waited patiently with all the other polite aussies, I put the New York in me on hold of a while.

That’s a lot of paella

Awesome place number two was the Thai place in the Bank Hotel

Steamy window full of ribs! Can’t say no to that.

Didn’t really pick up any Thai flavors in the ribs, they just tasted like really good southern bbq, but who cares they were great.

These were so good. I have no idea what was in them (tried to ask a couple of the ladies serving them but it was too crowded and loud to get an answer) all I remember is they were vegetarian and tasty, they’re called Miang Kum

Ahhh that paella was so good! they were laughing at me because I kept taking photos of it πŸ™‚


October 30, 2007

After a night of drinks my brother and friends keep saying we need to have a “toastie.” I get so excited about the prospect of trying another Aussie treat. Alas… after getting home I find out that a toastie is just a grilled cheese 😦

Aussies tend to shorten everything, umbrella is a brollie, candies are lollies, bathing suites are cozzies (I think that’s how that’s spelled)?

But I have to hand it to my brother, that was a damn good toastie!


To add to the list of shorty words…
best friend=besty
blow job=blowie
garbage man=garbo
spaghetti bolognese=spag bolls

Fling Flong!

October 30, 2007

Another great name! Madame Fling Flong ( …very yummy cocktail lounge in Newtown and you can go on a Tuesday night and take in a classic like Flashdance with a light mezza dinner and glass of wine for $20. Yumzaroonies!